LMSC Surveys

Terms of Business

Terms and Conditions

1. Role of the Company :

The Company offers its Services on the basis of these Conditions which shall apply to all activities of the Company. The Company acts as the agent only of the Customer regardless the basis of the Company’s remuneration. In its capacity as agent, the Company acts solely on behalf of the Customer in engaging the Services of Third Parties on the usual terms and conditions of such Third Parties, thereby establishing a direct contract between the Customer and the provider of such Services capable of being enforced by the Customer as principal, whether or not the Customer is identified in such contract. Advice and information that is not in relation to Services, is provided gratuitously and without liability. Advice is for the Customer only and is not to be furnished to any other party without prior written consent.

2. Claims Against Others :

These Conditions shall also apply whenever any claim is made against any employee, agent or independent contractor, other than a Third Party, engaged by the Company to perform its role as agent, whether such claims are founded in contract or in tort, and the aggregate liability of the Company and all such persons shall not exceed the limitations of liability in these conditions. For purposes of this Clause the Company acts as agent for all such persons who may ratify such agency at any subsequent time.

3. Company's General Responsabilities :

The Company shall exercise reasonable care in the discharge of its duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Customer including the selection and engagement of Third Parties to provide any Services required by the Customer. The Company shall arrange transport and any related Services within a reasonable time after receiving the Customer's instructions, subject to equipment availability. If it has reasonable grounds for departing from any of the Customer's instructions, the Company may do so without prior authorization from the Customer, but must always act with due regard to the interests of the Customer and nature and reasonable requirements of the Goods, and, as soon as possible, inform the Customer of its actions and any additional charges resulting therefrom.

4. Contact details :

Lloyd's Marine Survey & Consulting
Centre d’affaire Contempo
71 Angle Bd Mohamed V
Rue Azilal 20110
Casablanca, Morocco.
Tel: 05 24 62 39 62
FAX: 05 24 62 39 64
E-mail: lmsc@lloyds.ma
Web: www.lloyds.ma